Hotels-Cafes-Restaurants sanitary protocols

Notre établissement s'engage
Press release

The French Government recently announced a 10-part sanitary protocol for hotels as well as for cafes, restaurants, larger museums & monuments. The protocols for hotels & their restaurants & other public spaces (reception, bars & breakfast rooms etc…) and those for restaurants and cafes were elaborated in cooperation with the hospitality industry.

A "seal of approval” will be posted at the entrance of establishments noting their adherence to the guidelines and protocols put forward by the French Government. It will read “Notre établissement s’engage à respecter les consignes sanitaires” which means “Our establishment is committed to respecting the hygienic measures recommended to prevent the spread of COVID-19​” (unofficial translation)

The 10-part protocol includes:

  • Management commitment and involvement: management will distribute the guidelines for every position from receptionist and kitchen staff to cleaning personnel and porters via official written guides and appoint a supervisor to monitor compliance with the established protocols. Daily reviews will take place.

  • Quality of internal training and communication: employees will receive special training on COVID-19 sanitary procedures for their personal safety and for their interactions with guests to ensure their safety.

  • Social distancing protocol for employees: the wearing of a mask is mandatory for all employees. For catering staff (kitchen or table service), regular hand-washing (at least every hour) must apply. Each establishment will establish their own rules to ensure social distancing that works for their establishment’s configuration.

  • Hygiene rules: hourly hand washing is required and measures regulating the flow ingress and egress are being implemented to minimize the risk of infection. Enclosed spaces will be regularly aired.

  • Cleaning and disinfection rules: reinforced and rigourous cleaning and disinfection protocols will be implemented in each establishment and the washing of linen, towels and work clothes will be done at the appropriate temperature to eliminate Covid-19.

  • Barrier gestures when dealing with clients: a hand sanitizing station is available for guests as soon as they enter the establishment. Patrons of cafes and restaurants must wear a mask, except when seated at their tables which will be one meter apart, and respect social distancing rules. The number of guests per table is limited to 10 and concentration areas such as buffets should be avoided. One person at time will serve clients.

  • Payment management: contactless payment methods will be privileged.

  • Monitoring of compliance: all rules and good practices will be rigorously checked.

  • Protocols for dealing with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases: any employee presenting symptoms of Covid-19 at work will be isolated or sent home and referred to his doctor. All areas in which the employee has been will be carefully cleaned out and disinfected.

  • Risk evaluation: employees are involved in the process and encouraged to make suggestions for improvements.

In addition, all establishments will display posters on their premises to remind their staff and guests about barriers gestures and social distancing measures.

These COVID-19 rules may evolve to fit the situation.


While restaurants and cafes located in the green zone have been authorized to re-open on June 2nd, public access remained limited to outdoor terraces, open-air areas, delivery and takeaway activities and room services in hotel restaurants in the orange zone (Paris, Paris Region | Seine-et-Marne, Yvelines, Essonne, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne, Val-D'Oise |, French Guiana, Mayotte).

Hotels were never under a close order, and a good number stayed open to house essential workers during the crisis.